About Us

Who we are

Kinisi is a unit of Auroville under the Center for Scientific Research Trust. We are a small team of dedicated persons working to bring sustainable mobility to Auroville. We are tapping into the vast knowledge and experience of previous experiments in this City of the Future, in order to create a new concept of shared sustainable mobility.

Our Mission

The aim of Kinisi is to bring electric mobility to all Auroville residents, volunteers and guests. As a first step towards this, we are offering e-cycles for rent and for sale.  We are happy to give you an opportunity to move around Auroville comfortably, silently and emission-free.

Our second phase was to introduce Kinisi In-kind Mobility (KIM). Against a small monthly contribution, Aurovilians receive an e-cycle for their personal use, entirely maintained by Kinisi, including battery replacement after 3 years and entire cycle replacement after 6 years. The income from Kinisi rentals and sales will allow us to increase the KIM cycle fleet for Aurovilians.

Our Motivation

Mobility is a matter of serious concern in Auroville. Right now, this town is extremely “unsmart” in its mobility choices. The main means of transport is the individually owned petrol-based two-wheeler, and, increasingly, a petrol or Diesel car. During the guest season, the number of vehicles increases almost threefold. Since most roads are unpaved, motorcycles raise a lot of dust, which affects the health of residents, visitors, animals, and plants. That, and the noise and the speed with which people travel, create an environment which is the opposite of what Auroville should aspire for.

The Team

Debabrata Sahoo


He graduated from Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education in Puducherry and worked at the Centre for Scientific Research (CSR), Auroville on various renewable energy projects such as Sunlit Future, where he managed the design, system integration and installation of grid-interactive solar PV plants. He introduced innovative rooftop solar PV installation practices and trained installers and maintenance team members to the highest levels of workmanship and safety standards.
He supervises KINISI Finance, Marketing, Networking & Business Operations.


Marlyse Piccand


Swiss professional translator,  editor,  journalist, and writer, she came to Auroville to help the “City that the Earth Needs” move away from fossil fuels and become an example of smart mobility for the rest of the world. She is promoting excellent servicing and maintenance of electric vehicles and is in charge of Communications.



Arun Sambasivar


Arun has a BSC in Mathematics and several years of experience in Logistics Management and Purchasing. He joined Kinisi in March 2018 and is responsible for General Administration and Customer Relations, while helping out in any other domain where he is needed. A very important addition to our team.



Matthias Aeschenbach


Matthias is German and has developed his expertise in solar energy by installing over 100 solar off-the-grid houses in Auroville. He was a computer pioneer in the ‘80s and became executive of ALTECS Energy Systems, producing solar charge controllers as well as  Plugin LED lamps and inverters. He is keen to help Auroville develop smart mobility with his business and engineering expertise. He is helping Kinisi with professional testing of each new e-cycle we bring into the pool.



 The Advisor


Hemant Lamba

Hemant L

Trustee of AuroRE (Auroville Renewable Energy) Trust, a catalytic unit of Auroville for innovations, development and implementing concepts, projects and policies relating to renewable energy, particularly decentralized solar applications. Currently engaged in the strategic advisory to governments on delivery models for up-scaling decentralized renewable energy.