KIM and Beyond

At Kinisi, we are very grateful to see our e-cycles everywhere we go, and we feel encouraged to help guests and residents free themselves from petrol dependency. We are constantly trying to increase our fleet of rental e-vehicles, so that more guests will choose sustainable mobility instead of polluting mopeds during their stay.

Our main goal is to increase the number of e-cycles in the KIM (Kinisi In-kind Mobility) scheme. This programme was created to help Aurovilians move away from motorcycles as their transport choice. For a small monthly contribution, KIM members receive an e-cycle for their personal use. The e-cycle remains an asset of Auroville, and they cannot sell, rent or lend it to other people. We service each e-cycle every month, and after 3 years or more we change the battery for free. This scheme has all the advantages of private ownership without its hassles. We will reach 100 KIM e-cycles before Auroville’s birthday, and we are planning to have 140 to 150 by the end of April 2020. We have 75 people on our waiting list.


We noticed that KIM members are very happy with their e-cycle, but they still keep their motorcycle for longer trips outside of Auroville, or for carrying larger loads. This is not our goal. How can we convince Aurovilians to move entirely away from private fossil fuel transport?

We came up with the idea to have a fleet of electric scooters on a shared basis. Ideally, KIM members (or any Kinisi customer) could borrow an electric scooter on an hourly, half-day or full-day basis when they need a vehicle with more range or more carrying capacity. This would encourage guests and Aurovilians to choose e-cycling, because they would know that they can get an e-scooter when they need one. They could just drop their e-cycle at Kinisi and pick up an e-scooter for the time of their trip.

Do you think that this idea would encourage people to go entirely petrol-free?

We would appreciate your feedback at

Why switch to electric?

E-cycle prices are going down, petrol price is going up

A good quality, high performance pedal assist/full throttle e-cycle costs 45,000 rs. Compared to a baseline petrol scooter, it may seem high, but the petrol money you save will buy a new battery in 1 year!  In 3 years, you will save enough to buy an entirely new e-cycle.

New long-life batteries are coming on the market

Lithium-ion batteries for cycles can be recharged at any time, so you never get stranded. You just take the battery out of the cycle and charge it on any normal outlet when you get home. You never need to empty the battery before you recharge.

Conversion kits are better than existing Indian e-cycles

Kinisi found an excellent electric conversion kit :

  • 250W hub motor
  • fantastic battery 10Ah, 48V
  • speed up to 25 km/h
  • autonomy up to 30 km, more if pedalling with assist
  • full charge in 3.5 hours from empty (usually 2 hours)
  • very bright LED headlights and rear brake light
  • electric horn.

Kinisi can fit this kit on almost any existing cycle and transform your life!

With this kit, your cycle becomes a moped whenever you want.

Better expert service and maintenance for e-vehicles

In case of problem with your e-cycle, you can come to Kinisi.  We are at C.S.R. in the blue and yellow building.

All the arguments against electric transport are being addressed one by one, through technological advances and thanks to the goodwill of Aurovilians who understand the importance of moving towards smart transportation for the City of the Future.

Kinisi In-kind Mobility (KIM)

To date, we dedicated 18 e-cycles and we received a private donation for another 17 e-cycles for KIM, for a total of 35 e-cycles.

Kavita, member of KIM and YouthLinkThe KIM scheme is very successful and there is a waiting list.

How does KIM work?

Aurovilians can become members of KIM by contributing a reasonable Rs.850/month to the scheme. In exchange for this contribution, Kinisi provides members with:

  • a completely equipped e-cycle for personal use. This includes the battery, battery charger, battery controller, number lock, front and rear lights, mudguards, front basket or saddlebag.
  • a free monthly check-up and maintenance session, free spare parts and full battery replacement when necessary (usually 3-5 years, depending on usage);
  • maintenance tips on how to take good care of the e-cycle and battery.
The contribution covers the cost of monthly maintenance, spare parts, battery replacement after 3 years and full cycle replacement after 7 years, making the scheme a completely hassle-free way for Aurovilians to switch to non- polluting transport while inside Auroville.
The-cycle remains the property of Auroville, and is returned to the KIM fleet if the member doesn’t comply with the membership terms. Each e-cycle is provided for the member’s personal use and he/she must treat it well so that it remains an asset for the common good.

Future Plans

Due to the success of this KIM scheme, we aim to increase to 50 the number of e-cycles available to Aurovilians before February 28, 2019.

In order to attain this goal, we need help to purchase another 15 e-cycles. We hope that you will appreciate this initiative and will feel moved to help it along with a donation (even a small one will be helpful) to support sustainable mobility for all in Auroville.



If you want to help us increase the number of available e-cycles in Auroville, please transfer any amount to the following account and mention AUROVILLE SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY.


Bank branch : Auroville INTL Township Branch

Bank address : Auroville INTL Township Branch, Auroville

Account number : 10237876698


Account type : Current Account (compte courant)

IFSC code : SBIN0003160 (for donations from India)

SWIFT code: SBININBB474 (for donations from abroad)

Thank you in advance for your generosity !